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A Note about Shipping Costs

Costs to ship anything at the USPS has risen dramatically over the last few years. I have traditionally charged what I determined to be an average cost for shipping an item, but in recent months, I have been charged significantly more at the Post Office to ship a package than what I charged the customer, numerous times. Obviously this eats into what are already very low profit margins, if not eliminating them entirely or worse, and of course I can't run a business that way. As a result, I've had to increase what I charge for shipping, especially for international shipments. I'm looking into alternative ways to deal with this to keep costs low for my customers, but in the meantime, please understand the shipping rates are not inflated - you pay what I pay. If you feel your order shouldn't cost what it does to ship, please email me after placing your order, and I will gladly return the difference between what you paid, and what my costs were (with Post Office receipt to prove what I paid). Thank you!